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At Provident Lawyers, we assist and advise clients with Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs) on a range of issues.

SMSFs make up the highest number of superannuation funds and forms a significant proportion of the multitrillion dollar superannuation industry in Australia. The number of SMSFs have grown at a steady rate of almost 5% annually during the 5 years prior to 30 June 2017 and growth is continuing. This growth is largely attributed to members wanting to take control of their investments in their superannuation fund whilst continuing to access significant tax concessions.

Provident Lawyers can assist SMSF clients and their advisers with all areas of legal work including:

  • SMSF establishments
  • amending SMSF trust deeds and/or changing SMSF trustees
  • SMSF borrowing under a limited recourse borrowing arrangement
  • administering SMSFs in pension phase, including compliance advice for pensions and transfer balance accounts and cap issues
  • “related party” property transactions involving SMSFs (i.e. transferring assets to a SMSF or transferring assets between SMSFs)
  • members transferring properties from SMSFs as a benefit payment
  • estate and succession planning involving SMSFs
  • accessing eligible tax concessions using superannuation in estate planning or business sale transactions
  • SMSF residency issues
  • SMSF audit issues with Auditors and the Australian Taxation Office

Get in touch with us if you have a superannuation question to see how Provident Lawyers can assist you or your SMSF clients.

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