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At Provident Lawyers we believe in providing quick, efficient and cost effective services when preparing legal documentation in the field we work in.

It is for this reason that we can assist you by providing a myriad of standard documentation for a fixed fee.

We are working to put together some standard document packages such as SMSF trust deed packages and trust setup packages for a fixed fee estimate. Simply enquire with us about our standard documents service and we will let you know whether we have set a fixed fee for the package and provide you with further instructions to finalise your order

There may be some documents which we have to tailor to your needs and for those documents, just contact us and we will assist you with your request. As our firm grows, we will be able to provide to you a broader range of standard documentation for a fixed fee.

Whilst the documents listed are provided to you for a fixed fee this is not a fully automated service. The advantage of ordering a standard legal documentation from Provident Lawyers is that each document will be carefully vetted by a qualified lawyer. This means that in instances where there may be issues with prior documentation, they are picked up before the documents are prepared and swiftly addressed after consultation with you.

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